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Hiro Demo Session #2

Hello everyone! This is Hiro. I would like to share with you a recording of a demo session. Hope this might help you in any way.

Demo Session #2
Date: September 22, 2019
Client: Dasha
Topic: Doesn’t feel like she has enough self confidence. Afraid of critics. She is afraid of making mistakes. It is coming from her family background where people are critical to others. Session: Feeling small. Anger. Difficult emotions identified in her throat. She found someone inside the emotion and healing took place when she embraced the person with compassion.
Outcome: Peaceful. Amazing experience.

Message from Dasha after our session: Thank you for this amazing session.
You were right, the healing is still going and the subconscious was working all the night.
Everything is changing in my mind and I take my time to get use to new myself.
I have made many sessions before with other healers and by myself. But there was something really very special in this session with you, so a deep healing could take a place. Do you remember the moment in the movie « Where the Dreams Come True » where the character or Robin Williams joins his wife in hell and decides to stay with her to support her. And at that moment she awakens from her sorrow by his love and compassion. I always cry at this moment when I’m watching this movie. I felt this kind of compassion from you for the first time in my life. Thank you for this precious gift! You are a great master and I hope to meet you soon!

I am taking requests for a demo session every week in exchange for recording it for learning and marketing purposes. If you are interested in booking a demo session, sign-up for our newsletter. You will find a link to book a demo session when we send the next demo session newsletter.

Thank you!!

Love and gratitude,
Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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