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Hiro Demo Session #3

Hello everyone! This is Hiro. I would like to share with you a recording of a demo session. Hope this might help you in any way.

Demo Session #3
Date: October 6, 2019
Client: Wolfgang
Topic: I’m afraid of expressing my opinion because it might hurt other’s feelings.
Session: Difficult emotions identified in his stomach and throat. The emotions are coming from his memory when he was around 4-6 years old when he chose to live with his parents instead of his grand mother, and it hurt grand mother’s feelings and caused him to create the fear, emotions, and beliefs that he is experiencing today. After listening, embracing, and facilitating realizations, he felt better. He gained insights about the meaning of what happened, which enabled him to heal the painful emotions and let go of limiting beliefs.
Outcome: “I feel much easier. In the last couple years I had chronic inflammation in my stomach and I worried about it, but I feel much easier in my stomach now. As a start, I will talk to my partner this week about taking my own office!”

I am taking requests for a demo session every week in exchange for recording it for learning and marketing purposes. If you are interested in booking a demo session, sign-up for our newsletter. You will find a link to book a demo session when we send the next demo session newsletter.

Thank you!!

Love and gratitude,
Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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