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Hiro Demo Session #4

Hello everyone! This is Hiro. I would like to share with you a recording of a demo session. Hope this might help you in any way.

Demo Session #4
Date: October 23, 2019
Client: Malini
Topic: Opening to financial abundance
Session: Feeling stagnant, limited in growth, and lacking in financial means. Emotions identified in her heart and throat, representing anger and sadness. She remembered when she was a teenager going through a challenge of not being able to open up and connect with others. The teenager self needed someone to talk to, open herself up, so that she could feel safe and protected. Healing took place as she embraced the teenager self and accepted new beliefs.
Outcome: What was in her throat melted down and she feels good in her heart. Heaviness on the back is gone too. She feels happy, loved, and complete.

I am taking requests for a demo session every week in exchange for recording it for learning and marketing purposes. If you are interested in booking a demo session, sign-up for our newsletter. You will find a link to book a demo session when we send the next demo session newsletter.

Thank you!!

Love and gratitude,
Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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