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Hiro Demo Session #6

Hello everyone! This is Hiro. I would like to share with you a recording of a demo session. Hope this might help you in any way.

Demo Session #6
Date: October 26, 2019
Client: Natalie
Topic: Loneliness
Session: She experienced all that she wanted to make her happy, but feels loneliness and unhappiness. In this feelings she identified herself 10 years in the future, feeling alone and no one to share experiences together, saying “It is always like this.” As we dug deeper, she remembered a traumatic experience with her first relationship. Healing took place when she connected with the highest consciousness in herself – her soul.
Outcome: Feeling good and relaxed. Smiling. Warmth in her heart.

I am taking requests for a demo session every week in exchange for recording it for learning and marketing purposes. If you are interested in booking a demo session, sign-up for our newsletter. You will find a link to book a demo session when we send the next demo session newsletter.

Thank you!!

Love and gratitude,
Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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