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How to Increase our Leadership Performance with Mindfulness


Our founder Hiroyuki (Hiro) Miyazaki explain the benefits of Mindfulness and how the Search Inside Yourself program can provide tangible results for your team.

To discuss how Hiro can lead a Search Inside Yourself workshop at your organization, contact him here for a free 30-minute consultation.


How can we increase our performance to create better outcome?

When I ask this question to others most often I receive this answer, “Well, we just have to work harder.”

But let’s think about this, because we all are working harder all ready, we are all ready busy because we are constantly bombastic with many distractions. Like people coming in to talk to you, receiving messages from email, social network, or texting. We try to respond to everything, and we try to multitask.

But scientists says that our brains can’t really do multitasking. Our brain only works sequentially. So, even if we try to do multitasking what happens is that we can’t really handle them, and we get stressed out and worse, we can get burnout.

So working hard is not really a practical solution to create better performance. Then, what would it be?


Actually Working Less

Actually some people have figured this out. Some top business leaders, innovative corporations such as Apple or Google, have figured this out. They know that working hard, working more is not the solution.

Then what are they doing? They’re actually working less. They’re working less, and they free up their mind, they have more clarity in their mind, they are able to focus on what’s in the present moment. Then they can lay their focus on the job in front of them and they can get even more results in shorter time. How do they do it?


It’s Something Called Mindfulness

It is not about new technology. It’s not about new drugs. It is something called mindfulness. If I say mindfulness, the reaction I sometimes get is, “You know, it is a meditation. I don’t wanna sit down on the ground and meditate for hours like a priest.”

But it is different. Mindfulness today is different. It is actually a series of shorter practices like short as only a few minutes for each practice and something we can do anytime, anywhere, during the day at workplaces. It is helping many businesses of top tech companies or Fortune 400 companies. They are having great results, great performance increase from these mindfulness practices.


Mindfulness Benefits are Rooted in Science

Now, these things I just said might sound nice, but is it too good to be true? You might ask that. But there is actually a good series of scientific evidence that supports this effectiveness of mindfulness practices. Those neuroscientists found that brain function or even brain structure can change through mindfulness practices.

It helps create more capacity to maintain our mental state to be stable, and we can have clarity and more capacity to be able to do more focused work with more productivity in a given time. They also found out that the mindfulness practices can really help us to have better interaction with other people, which helps us create good working relationship at workplaces. Learn more about the benefits here.

I have been doing this mindfulness meditation for more than 10 years, and I know it can help people a lot. I have many good things that happen in my life, like I feel I have more time, that I can be focused on something, I can feel happier. I know this impact on an individual level, but it actually helps at the organizational level too.


Mindfulness Leadership Results

I’ll give you an example. Aetna it is one of the big American healthcare companies. They’ve implemented mindfulness for many years. After they started implementing it they realized they were seeing a 7% cost down on healthcare expenses.

They also saw a productivity increase, which is 62 minutes more time. 62 minutes of high productivity time every week, for average in four years, which translate to $3,000 per employees, which is far more than they invested in mindfulness trainings. They say it’s 11 times more than the cost of implementing mindfulness practices, which is amazing. Isn’t it?

So, this company Aetna is really serious about mindfulness practices, and they take it as a strategic initiative. They have a Chief Mindfulness Officer on its management team. This is just one of the examples, but there are many others, great examples of mindfulness implementation for the corporate environment. And this has … actually it’s becoming a big trend in the United States and in different parts of Europe.


What Makes a Successful Mindful Leadership Training

But I have to say that not all of them are getting great results as Aetna has gained. Why? Because there are some factors that affect the outcome of mindfulness implementation. For example, we need to be really careful about which mindfulness training we choose.

We want to make sure we have commitment from the management in implementing mindfulness and utilize therefore strategic purposes.

Thirdly, we need to create some kind of a supporting system or a community, internal community so that we can create a sustaining change. Sustaining transformation in an organization.


How to Choose the Right Mindfulness Program

With regards to the mindfulness training, I said that it is important to choose the right mindfulness training program because it affects the outcome.

I believe there are three very important requirements in choosing a mindfulness program.

One is that it has to be focused on business outcome. It’s not just about getting together to do some meditative training but want it to be focused on business outcome. How can we utilize that for everyday businesses.

Number two, it has to be free from any color of mystical elements. It has to be really practical, effective, focused. We don’t want to talk about any mystical elements associated with mindful meditation.

Number three. The third requirement I would say is that we want to have scientific proof in the methods that we talk about in the mindfulness training. Because we want to understand, we want to accept that it is effective, it is really useful for our everyday lives. And science really helps us to understand that.


Why the Search Inside Yourself Program

There are many mindfulness training programs in the market, but I have to say there is only a few programs that actually meets these three requirements. One of them which I really, really recommend is a program that is initially developed at Google many years ago – Search Inside Yourself.

They used it for their internal training, it became really popular. Team members needed to wait up to three months to be able to join one of those classes. They decided to split-up part of the training team as a different company and now the program is available for public.

I am a certified teacher of the program. The program is named Search Inside Yourself. Google searches outside. Their business is to help people search on the internet. This program on mindfulness is Search Inside Yourself. So I like this name.

I am a certified teacher. If you’re interested, I am happy to sit down with you and share with you some real case examples, and how it’s creating tangible benefits over the investment.

Contact me for a Free 30-Minute Consultation on how we can bring this program to your organization.

For more information about how Mindfulness visit our Mindful Leadership Guide here.



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