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Improve Your Company’s Culture with Mindful Leadership Training

Do you find it hard to understand why your employees aren’t as motivated and engaged as you would like them to be? As a business leader, you need to get the best from your employees to ensure your company’s success.

Your company must be nimble, creative, and capable of adapting to change. For employees to contribute more positively to those objectives, they need to get the best from the company. A positive corporate culture that supports mindfulness training can go a long way towards that end.

Why Is a Good Corporate Culture Important?

Acquiring and retaining quality talent is one of the most critical challenges corporations face today. Stress and a perceived toxic work environment are among the leading reasons employees leave a company. The departure often has a ripple effect, as the change has the potential of upsetting or destabilizing their co-workers. Employees’ well-being should be top of mind to reduce turnover.

A positive corporate culture will improve your retention rates. A positive environment helps employees feel they are valued and important to the company. It helps to build morale and increases engagement. When you turn your environment around by investing in your employees’ well-being it not only stops the turnover, but begins to attract more talent as well.


How Mindfulness Training Fits into Corporate Culture

Mindful Leadership Training can be an essential component of your overall corporate wellness program. These programs are designed to improve the physical and emotional well-being of employees. The cost of lost productivity due to excessive stress is immeasurable. Employees who have participated in mindful training programs in their workplace have reported reduced levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.


Defining Mindfulness

Mindfulness is making yourself aware of yourself and your surroundings in the present and without judgment. Through the observation and acknowledgment of only what is, and not of what should be or what is not, the practice trains us to regulate our automatic emotional responses to certain events.

It allows for a greater understanding and appreciation of the feelings of others and greater clarity of thought without distractions. On a corporate scale, the implications can be massive.


The Impact of Mindfulness on Corporate Culture

The effects of Mindfulness Leadership Training aren’t only felt by an individual, but it sends positive shockwaves to those around him or her. Mindful meditation helps to improve relationships, build empathy, and therefore, reduce friction and conflict among co-workers.

Employees involved in mindful practices tend to be less stressed, more engaged in their work, and more productive. In an environment that values mindfulness, they will feel more empowered and appreciated. All of these elements help to create a more positive work environment and higher job satisfaction.

Companies that prioritize mindfulness set themselves apart from the rest by explicitly expressing their concern for their employees’ well-being in tangible ways. A company then has a greater ability to attract the best talent available.


Cultural Benefits of Mindfulness Training in Your Workplace

The benefits have a ripple effect for those who practice mindfulness, but let’s focus on three major benefits your culture will experience with proper mindful leadership training.


A Safe Environment

At the heart of a Mindfulness Leader is listening. You begin practicing Mindfulness by learning how to listen to what is going on inside and around yourself. You expand on that learning by becoming a better listener to your team. Listening, engaged without interrupting is a learned skill and when used in team settings begins to create a very safe environment.

Team members are more apt to contribute to solving the problem or building the business when they know they can voice their ideas and they will be listened to. This free flow of ideas helps teams to think in new ways without judgement to get to the solution in ways your organization hasn’t before.

A two-year study from Google looked at what makes teams most effective. It wasn’t that they had a Lebron James in the group. Or they had the largest amount of resources. The number one attribute of an effective team was a safe environment.



When you create a mindful work place you have a group of people who are in tune with what is going on around them. And that awareness helps team members identify when another team member needs help. When you have a team that listens to each other, they are able to support each other by seeing where their strengths came come into play to help the entire team. This is the basis for better performance all around.



Mindful moments allow everyone to get back to the present. This helps in the corporate setting because it begins to weed out things that aren’t important at the moment. No, we’re not suggesting teams not make plans or look into the future. But we are talking about teams who can identify the most important or pressing problem they should be focusing on right now to get to those future goals. Even one mindful minute before a meeting can provide tangible results.

Instead of jumping in and trying to tackle all the tasks, mindful teams can identify the most important task to tackle next. When teams work together on what’s most important their stress levels decrease.

These are just a few of the benefits corporations are experiencing when they implement a Mindful Leadership program. One unforeseen benefit that has been reported is the new branding strength their companies are experiencing. There’s nothing like word of mouth of a happy employee to attract more people to your company.

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