Mindful Healing Session

Everything that happens in your life matters. Every life challenge happens for a reason and it is meant to teach you something and give you an opportunity to reach the next level of growth and prosperity.

This is not always easy to accept. Different emotions arise when you are in the middle of a challenging situation, such as trauma, drama, and/or fear. This is when you need spiritual support from someone you can trust. An expert who can decipher the meaning of your situation, heal your pain, and help you complete the lessons from each situaton, and will provide you with the tools to accept them and move on.

Growth comes from healing.

The whole purpose of living is to grow spiritually as a person. Some people achieve success in life but find they are not truly happy and fulfilled due to the weight of past pain created through previous life experiences. To grow spiritually, you need to let go of the pain in your heart and awaken to your true life’s purpose.

This is healing.

The impact of a healing session

It aims to resolve specific pain or problems while allowing the client to grow by making positive changes in life situations such as in health, relationship, career and finance. Typically, people use healing when they have pain or a problem to resolve. The number of sessions you need to solve a problem varies depending on the issue and the client. Sometimes just one session is required, but often it may take multiple sessions to fulfill a complete healing.

Starting with your introductory one-hour session, Hiro revolves the discussion around identifying the root issues in the challenges that are happening in your life. Once getting to the core of what is hindering your healing, Hiro tailors his Mindful Healing and techniques to help you begin applying what you learn directly after the first call.

Hiro has the unique ability to understand the mental and emotional situations in your challenge and guide you to learn what is at the root and what lessons you can draw from it. He works with you to identify beliefs and perspectives hindering your healing and helps you cancel disempowering beliefs/behaviors/actions and create empowering ones. He also helps you gain lessons from challenges, heal your heart and move on to the next chapter of your life.

Get Started on Your Ascent

All new clients begin with a one-hour healing session via Skype for $200 USD or a 30-minute session for $100. You can sign up and schedule your session online here. We look forward to your growth through healing.

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