Mindful Leadership Coaching

Great leaders don’t just land in that position. They invest in their growth. At Ascent Leadership Institute, we’ve seen the impact made from just one Mindful Leadership Coaching session in a client’s leadership practices. And we’ve seen the impact made from just one person in an organization applying the practices.

Be that person through our one-on-one Mindful Leadership Coaching and begin your Ascent.

The impact of a coaching session

Starting with your introductory one-hour session, Hiro revolves the discussion around the leadership and workplace problems you face. Once getting to the core of what is hindering your leadership growth, Hiro tailors his Mindful Leadership Coaching and techniques to help you begin applying what you learn directly after the first call.

Hiro has the unique ability to understand the mental and emotional situations in your challenge and guide you to learn what is at the root and what lessons you can draw from it. He works with you to identify beliefs and perspectives hindering your growth and helps identify new beliefs and perspectives that will empower and serve you.

Get Started on Your Ascent

All new clients begin with a one-hour coaching session via Skype for $200 USD or a 30-minute session for $100. You can sign up and schedule your session online here. We look forward to coaching you to climb to your highest potential.

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