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Experiencing Peak State

Experiencing Peak State


Peak state, also known as flow state or “being in the zone,” is a state of mind to reach your full potential.

It has been researched by psychologists and neuroscientists for many years and its amazing attributes have been discovered, but how to get to the state is still unclear.

This webinar will introduce a visualization process to bring out the “peak-ready” or “flow-ready” state where your mind becomes free from distractions and become creative and resourceful.

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Webinar Transcript:

Who’s Hiro? So I am Japanese, born in Japan, raised in Japan, and back in 2006 I was working in corporate Japan, corporate America, in these companies that are showing up on the left of this picture. I used to work in Tokyo. I used to work in New York, Wall Street.

This is a picture back in 2006. I used to weigh just about 100 kilos back then, I think. And then something happened in my life that made me think if there is something that I want to do other than what I was doing back then.

So there was a monumental experience that I did in 2007 when I overcame this fear of height. I used to have fear of height. I had a fear of height, but I also wanted to go out and fly in the sky. That was my dream. And I used meditation and healing techniques and changed, resolved, all those fear of height. And I actually did skydiving. So this is a picture of my skydiving in this picture in the center.

And somehow this jumping has changed all my life. All my emotions, this feeling of nervousness, feeling of irritation… when I’m about to go up to the higher place and go down and go jump out of the plane, this nervousness, this body reaction has turned into excitement.

And that was a life changing realization. The same feeling can be interpreted as instead of nervousness, it is excitement. But that was a life- changing experience, and wanting to change my career, wanting to focus more on meditation and healings and also coaching. And that’s who I am right now.

This picture in the back is me. That was back in February in Kazakhstan. And now I teach meditation. I teach healing. I also do coaching. I live in Los Angeles right now. And in the last 11 or 12 years, I have been meditating more than 5,000 hours. I taught many, many classes in many different countries. I trained teachers. I did lots of consulting, business consulting, as well, and healing sessions.

In this journey in the last 12 years, I have a lot of good things happen in my life. My business expanded. I made a career in the healing and meditation industry. I met my soulmate. I increased my abundance. I lost weight, lots of weight. I’m being very healthy with regards to eating habits or exercising habits.

So when I talk about something like this, and people say that, “Wow, you’re doing great. Your life is glorious, successful,” it wasn’t exactly like that. It wasn’t “hassle-free.” When you hear this, when you hear me talking like this, you might say my journey has been all easy and fun, but it wasn’t like that. It was not hassle-free. There was many unfavorable, undesirable things happened too.

So for example, when I teach classes, usually I have many people coming to the class, and I have a big audience, but sometimes I have a smaller audience. And sometimes I wonder “Why? I did lots of marketing. Why am I getting so few people this time?” And that triggered lots of my fears and emotions. And that was not easy.

I made money, good amount of money, but I also invested money into some things, a project or businesses, and sometimes I lost money. And that triggered lots of fears as well. And I was busy and sometimes being overwhelmed, and I got really stressed out. And when I was stressed out having lots of things to do and actually lots of challenges in my life, especially emotional challenges, it was really difficult.

At one time I felt, “What’s the meaning of all this? What am I doing? What am I doing this for?” And that naturally guided me to this, another journey to find what I really want in my life.

So I wanted to share this picture with you today. Can you see this picture? I made a more animated picture, but this platform is making everything show up at the same time.:

Anyway, some of you know me as an experienced healer, as in ThetaHealing, Reiki or some other healing or even hypnotherapy. Some of you may know me as a meditation, mindfulness teacher. Some of you know me as a business coach, life coach. But my experience is that each of those things, meditation, healing, coaching, each of them has specific benefit to us. And I’ve found that no one of them is perfect for all situations.

Let me explain that. Let me explain what I mean. So in this picture, in the center there is a human, and sometimes when I get stressed out, I have negative thoughts coming up in my mind, and I have negative emotions coming up in my heart. And that drag me down. I lose motivation, I lose energy, and I just cannot do things that I usually do. It makes me so unhappy. It makes me even sad, sometimes angry.

So when I started meditation, I did many different kinds of meditation. But mindfulness worked really well in the last several years. So let’s take mindfulness, for example. Mindfulness works very well in that what it does is to enable us to stay out of these negative emotions or negative thoughts. What it means is that I have negative thoughts, emotions, but as I practice mindfulness, I can stay in a peaceful place. I still have emotion. I still have thoughts. But I can ignore it. I can just let it calm down, stay in a good, peaceful state.

That’s mindfulness. That’s meditation, which is very effective in creating peace in our lives. Although these thoughts and emotions are still here, some emotions, some thoughts are really easy, just go away. It’s just a matter of time, like one week or two weeks later, those inner voices, inner emotion just goes away.

But some emotions or some thoughts just stick with me for a long time and keep coming up. Have you ever had such emotions or thoughts? Even after you try to ignore it, it keeps coming up in your life. That’s the kind of emotion or thought that you really need to take care of. And that’s where healing really helps. So with healing technique, you can really look at this emotion or look at these thoughts and identify the root cause of it, identify what we are learning out of it, and dissolve it, resolve or dissolve it.

So even when I’m really good at mindfulness meditation, I still need healing sometimes when I have difficult emotions coming up. But if I’m just doing healing and not doing mindfulness, then it doesn’t work completely well. I can take care of my emotions. I can take care of my thoughts, but I still need this meditation technique to stay in a peaceful state. So these two things, healing and meditation, together it really helps us to create peace in our lives.

Coaching is different. Coaching also works like mindfulness in that coaching helps us to stay away from the emotional thoughts and help us to stay in a good place. Then, and also coaching helps us to identify our goals and set our goals and achieve our goals.

Now this, after I was able to do this healing and meditation and coaching, I start to wonder, “What am I doing when I am really creative, really happy, resourceful and in the zone?” Have you ever heard of the term “zone”? For example, when I’m writing something, when I’m writing my course manual or writing books, there was a moment that I just cannot write anything. I just run out of all ideas, and I cannot even write a line.

Then I go out running and connect with nature and just go out, just forget about everything about the book, about writing. And all of a sudden I start to receive new ideas coming, that was creative, very good ideas. And that’s what I do when I run out of ideas, when I am stressed out. I go out and do some jogging. And I thought, “What’s happening in me when I am able to receive or retrieve those good information?”

Then I did some research, and I found out that there is a thing called “peak state.” Peak state. Peak state is a very generic term, but there are some scientists who studied this peak state for many, many years, and we have a lot of knowledge about this already.

In short term, have you ever heard of “flow state” or “flow channel” or “be in the zone”? Those athletes, professional athletes, Olympic athletes, they say that when they are performing really well, they call it, “I am in the zone,” zone performance, like they’re going beyond their normal performance. That’s the same idea. That’s the same idea as peak performance or peak state.

And this state, peak state, has been researched by scientists and identified as having a lot of good benefits, the benefits like it is a state where people have peak performance. It is a state that people tend to be able to utilize their capacity to the fullest, completely. And it is a state where you lose the sense of time. When you are in a peak state, you lose track of time. You just focus on what’s in front of you, and you are in the moment, fully in the moment. And that brings up all your potentials, all your capacity into what you’re doing.

It is also called “flow state.” The research for the flow state is almost identical to peak state or flow state, which is also bringing up happiness, creativity, innovation, and the feeling of ecstasy and even bliss. So this is fascinating. And also one of the benefit that those scientists tells is that this peak state creates the moment of reaching one’s full potential, true potential. And that’s when I’m really attracted to this thing called “peak state.”

But how to get to this peak state is really not fully known yet. Well, those scientists knows that there are some conditions that are needed to bring up this peak state, but it is not verified yet. So that’s why I experimented by myself and with my clients, with my friend, for some years.

And then I noticed that some of the techniques that I have been using in my past experience like the healing of the “dark night of the soul,” the course that I developed, mindfulness and coaching, putting together some of the aspects of them can create this state called “peak state.”

That’s what I’d like to introduce to you today. So it is a combination of meditation, coaching and the aspect of healing as well as visualization and intrinsic motivation, which sounds like a lot. So I didn’t see the same steps or techniques that are done in other places, so I named it “Ascenting.” This is a new term that I created, we came up with. With this method we can change our belief, we can heal our emotions, we can reach our peak state. So that’s what I want to introduce today, a little later. With this method we believe that it increases performance, creates this sense of peace and gives us joy and fulfillment.

Oh, now, how are you today, everyone? Can you hear me? Can you see me well? Okay, so let’s try. There’s some construction going on around this building, so if you hear some noise, I’m sorry. I apologize for that. Okay, thanks. Good. Hi. Oh, now I’m seeing some messages. Thank you. Good. Oh, okay. Now, good.

So let’s try this now. Let’s try this meditation. Are you ready? Let me pull up my process. Where is it? Where is it? Ah, this one. Okay. Okay, let’s do this.

Now, please take a relaxing position. Maybe you want to sit on the sofa or even lie on the sofa. And let’s take a few deep breaths, and bring your attention to the breath. So watch your body breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. Feel your body breathing in and out.

Okay. Now, I’d like you to remember your experience when you felt fully alive, like you have the best moment in your life, or you are engaged with some activity fully. Maybe you had a touching moment. Maybe you were performing really well. You lost a sense of time… the most beautiful moment or the moment that you felt fully alive.

I’d like you to imagine stepping into that moment like it is happening in front of you now, the best moment in your life. Notice how you’re feeling about it. Notice how the energy around you, the people, the place… notice how your body is enjoying this moment.

What is the feeling that is coming up in your heart? What might be some of the feelings that are coming up in your heart? Is it about peace? Is it about joy, happiness or confidence? Notice the overall energy that is filling up your body, filling around your body. Does it have a color? What might be the color of that energy?

Now, I’d like you to imagine that this energy, this feeling, is always in your [inaudible 00:25:13], always in your life. When you go to work, when you’re spending time at home, when you’re talking with your friends or family, this energy is always inside of you, around you. What might be some of the difference it can make in your life? If you’re having this energy all the time in your life, what might be some of the difference it can make in your life?

Now, let’s extend this to your entire life, starting from when you were born. Imagine this energy is always there in your life, when you are born, when you go to school. It’s always there for you. How might this energy can transform the experience that you have in your life? How might this energy transform your relationship with your friends, with your family, colleagues, or your partner?

Okay. Now, extend this energy out to the future. Imagine that you’re having this energy to far into the future. What might be something that may happen in your life? What might be the best version of your future that this energy can create in your life? Okay. And how might that best future… how might that feel for you? Does it give you joy? Does it give you fulfillment or happiness? Okay, now I’d like you to take another few breaths, and then come back to this webinar. Okay. How are you doing?

There’s one thing I should’ve talked about before this meditation is about the meaning of “fully alive.” I just wanted to give you an example of being fully alive.

So my fully alive moment that I always remember is when I was a junior high school student. Yeah, that was junior high school student. In the third year, we had a fitness event, and every class compete by having … they selected [inaudible 00:30:36] people to run faster, a kind of running competition. I was the last person to run for my class. And when I got the baton from my previous runner, our class was second from the last. So we were losing the competition.

And when I got the baton, I was so motivated to get this race, get winning for this race, and I ran fast. And I really ran faster than all other classes. Right before the goal, I was running next to the first class, and really at the last moment I was able to get a little past that other class. And I got the win. I won the race.

And at that moment, the entire crowd, not just my class members, not just my classmates, but entire crowd in the athletic event, they just exploded. They just got excited. I felt like I was seizing the moment, seizing the crowd, audience, and I lost a sense of time. I felt engaged with everyone. I felt oneness. That was the moment I felt fully alive. And when I remember the moment, I always bring up this best version of me.

Hopefully you were able to remember your own moment, peak moment in your life and was able to transfer that energy on to some different aspects of your life. So that was my moment. How was that experience for you?

So I did many experiment with this particular energy, particular feeling that we can get to and coupled with my other method, which is about “dark night of the soul,” I came up with this idea to utilize this for our life in our business and our life situation so that we can create happiness, joy, and lots of achievement in our lives. So now I’m creating some new courses based off of this new method. Let me show you this.

Start. Yeah. So I believe the meditation that you just experienced is a glimpse of it, is a first half of this particular peak state meditation. And with our other methods that I’m introducing, I believe we all can create higher performance, create peace and joy and fulfillment in our life and bring up our highest potential.


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