Meet our Mindful Leadership Expert — Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki

Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki is an author, speaker, coach, healer, and an instructor for mindfulness leadership. His life mission is to help leaders discover their deeply held purpose and values and empower them to lead authentically to create value for all stakeholders. Ultimately making a positive difference in society.

As you get to know Hiro, you may find his story is so much like your own. He founded Ascent Leadership Institute because he has lived the journey to Mindful Leadership he wants to help so many others to take.

The Ascent Begins

Hiro developed his career in two distinct environments – traditional Japanese investment banking and an American life insurance company, as a business strategist, management consultant, project manager, and systems engineer. He recalls of these experiences, “These companies were vastly different in leadership, shared values, and beliefs. It pushed me to think what kind of leader I wanted to become.” His journey began.

Over the years he practiced and developed a compassionate, yet assertive leadership style, effective in maintaining peace & harmony during hyper growth of the American company.

What is the Meaning of Work

Because of his role as Program Management Officer, he worked with many leaders in the company and experienced and studied the different leadership styles. He made note of how each leadership style influenced the organization. Daily interaction with these leaders prompted Hiro to think about what he wanted to pursue in his life. He began asking himself, “What is the meaning of work? What is my intrinsic desire?”

The leaders he admired showed something different to his teams, “They had something authentic that encouraged the higher potential of other people. They enjoyed the present moment with the team, had an intrinsic desire to care for others, and not solely focused on chasing money, fame, and power.”

Determined to begin his climb and find his answer, he started searching within himself through mindfulness, meditations and mental/emotional healings. He didn’t find a clear answer quickly, and continued his quest and practice for years.

Eventually he knew his intrinsic motivation was helping others.

The Inner Conflict is Revealed

During his quest, Hiro experienced his own Inner Conflict or crucible. A difficult break up with business partners and a life partner triggered his biggest fears – fear of uncertainty, fear of becoming alone, and fear of death. He recalls, “It was the biggest challenge in my life, but it gave me the greatest gifts in my life as well. It was an inner ascent to becoming the authentic leader.” By not running from the fear, but digesting it and accepting the lessons to be learned, he gained strength, freedom, clarity, and a knowing of ‘All I need is within me now.’

These gifts were the last missing parts in following his life mission. Empowered, he ventured into a new opportunity, to offer his service to a broader audience to heighten their authentic leadership.

Hiro Lives His Intrinsic Motivation

He began personally conducting 1-on-1 consultations with individuals who are facing challenges similar to his and beyond and discovered many are navigating the same life challenges that were hindering their growth. This resulted in the concept of 7 stages of life challenges, such as emotional dependency, social pressure, competition, attachment, comfort zone, uncertainty, and visioning. Each challenge is created due the beliefs and/or habitual actions/behaviors of the individuals.

He used his discovery to teach thousands in 10+ countries, and trained trainers in 30+ countries to expand his mission and has become one of the most sought-after teachers in Mindful Leadership.

After all these consultation and teaching activities and overcoming his own Inner Conflict, he even further defined the answer to his original question – What is the meaning of work? What is my intrinsic desire?

His intrinsic motivation is to help others find their intrinsic motivation for their life and work and help them grow in the direction of their highest potential.

Why Ascent Leadership Institute?

At Ascent Leadership Institute, Hiro offers tools and techniques based on his extensive experience in mindfulness meditation and mental/emotional healing, filtered by authenticity, practicality, and scientific credentials. He created Inner Ascent to help people change these beliefs and habits so they can navigate through the 7 stages smoothly. Having personally gone through each challenge himself, he teaches from his own experience.

Along with his Search Inside Yourself Certification, his unique approach in resolving conflicts and digesting Inner Conflict are helping leaders walk their journey and experience their highest potential.

With compassion and gratitude,

Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki
Founder, Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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