Ascenting Relationship and Wellbeing

What makes you happy in your relationships? And what drags you down? Many of us tend to see similar challenges repeating in our lives. In childhood we learn many things from our family and environments, and create patterns of behavior, action and thoughts that affect our relationships and wellbeing.

When we grow up as an adult, these patterns become autopilot and operate unconsciously, creating limitations or comfort zones, hindering our higher potential. Imagine how liberating it would be if you changed it?

Using a Three-Level Relationship Model, we explore three important topics that strongly influence relationships. Through conflict resolution techniques, we work to transform your relationships from Level 1 -Selfish – or Level 2 -Trade- to Level 3 -Unconditional Giving. All with the goal of experiencing more love, joy and fulfillment in your life.

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Learn mindfulness-based technique/tools to:

Improve Self-Expression

Many of us carry an unconscious need to meet other’s expectations – learned often from childhood. Carrying this into adulthood prevents you from expressing your opinion or standing up for yourself for fear of damaging a relationship. The good news is, you can express your opinions and feelings without damaging relationships, and you can be heard, respected, and supported, even when there’s disagreement.

Heighten Self-Worth

Low self-worth is caused by false beliefs or assumptions such as “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve love.” We learn to accept that everyone has authentic value and there is no need to prove it to others. it becomes a whole lot easier to relax and be authentic in relationship. Having high self-worth allows you to relax and be authentic in your relationships while increasing confidence in yourself.

Experience Emotional Freedom

Emotional dependency allows others (like a significant other or your boss) to affect your feelings and emotions. By becoming emotionally independent, you will experience a more peaceful emotional life, be of better support for others, and establish healthier relationships.

Learning Acceptance

You need to receive before effectively giving something to others. Lack of self-giving causing frustration and can hurt relationships. It can also trigger feeling of loneliness, hopelessness and lower self-worth. We’ll help you uncover the abundance of resources inside yourself and from your environment. The key is acceptance. This allows you to give out of love and joy which ultimately grows your relationships for the better.


Transforming Your Relationship

Module 1

Quality of life depends largely on our relationships with other people. Learning to resolve inner conflicts in four important themes triggers transformation of your relationships.


Module 2

Expression is about expressing what you have in your heart to others. We’ll learn to listen to our hearts and become comfortable with expressing what we really want.


Module 3

Many of us put our self-worth into he hands of things outside of our control – what other’s say or your outside achievements. We’ll learn to accept your authentic value.

Emotional Freedom

Module 4

Allowing external conditions to affect our emotions make joy and happiness hard to acheive. We’ll learn to become emotionally independent and create habits of feeling joy and happiness by yourself.


Module 5

Recognizing and accepting what you already are and have in life allows you to experience a sense of happiness and abundance, and that, in turn, bring in more happiness and abundance in life.

Vision and Action Plan

Module 6

Identify important values and resources, value-based vision of your relationship and action steps to create momentum toward the vision.


Duration: 2 days (14 hours) or more days with equivalent hours.

Method: Live workshop, online seminar, group coaching, or 1-on-1 coaching.

Pre-requisite: Ascenting to Your Highest Potential

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