Our Mindful Leadership Programs

Inner Ascent

Everybody faces challenges, but every great leader uses those challenges to learn important lessons and apply that to personal growth. Inner Ascent was developed by Ascent founder Hiro Miyazaki, to teach the techniques to increase the benefits those challenging situations can provide while helping individuals move forward.

Focusing on Inner Conflict resolution and Intrinsic Motivations, students will find themselves more able to climb in the direction they’ve only dreamt of.


Search Inside Yourself

Developed at Google, and based on neuroscience, the Search Inside Yourself program is a two-day workshop taught by our SIY certified teachers.

The program helps students and teams intensify their focus, manage stress, harness creativity and improve resilience. Through this program you will gain greater self-awareness, communication and leadership skills so you can thrive in your personal and professional life.


Personal Coaching

Not ready for a workshop but ready to step into growth? Our coaching sessions are the place to start. Coaching sessions are focused on your immediate needs and introduce you to the Mindfulness techniques you’ll benefit from the most at this time. With laser focus on your personal journey, we can uncover what’s stopping you from your untapped potential.

Benefits of Mindful Leadership