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Aspirant Leaders will explore their Inner Ascent through a series of programs tailored to build on each other and focus on what you need most. This training helps individuals who are experiencing stagnated growth and are ready for a breakthrough to their leadership and emotional success.

Through Hiro’s guidance, starting with Ascenting to Your Highest Potential, each participant uncovers their own personal roadblock, also know as the Inner Conflict, which hinders their ongoing advancement.

Why Ascenting?

From Hiro’s own personal journey, Ascent’s founder identified that the unresolved Inner Conflict disrupts an individual’s climb to their fullest potential. Journeying through this roadblock, can be one of your greatest learnings to uncovering the extent of your leadership advancement. This successful journey, and the freedom it produces, increase the effects of all other Mindful Leadership practices.

The Ascenting Programs were formulated from Hiro’s 11+ years experience in guiding students through their Inner Conflicts, learning from and letting go of what is standing in their way of their highest potential.

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Ascenting to Your Highest Potential

In this program you will learn the core techniques and tools for Ascenting, including self-awareness and management, accessing the mind-state for higher potentials, resolving inner conflicts, and visioning. Learn More →

Acsenting Relationships and Wellbeing

Through conflict resolution techniques, we work to transform your relationships, all with the goal of experiencing more love, joy and fulfillment in your life. Learn More→

Coming Soon!

Business Course for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Gain clarity about your business situation, identify solutions and action plans to challenges and opportunities, increase motivation, confidence, and commitment toward business goals.

Emotional Intelligence

In this module, we lay a foundation of the importance of Emotional Intelligence in becoming a great leader. We examine why today’s leaders need emotional intelligence (EQ) and teach how mindfulness training develops this important need with supporting neuroscience data.

We continue by facilitating practices to create an important shift from “unconscious reaction” to “conscious response” in dealing with situations. Results include maintaining clarity and reducing stress in life and in the workplace.

Resolving Inner conflict

Everybody will face challenges, but great leaders use those challenges to learn important lessons and apply them to their personal growth. We all face situations in our lives when we have to do something we do not wish to do, i.e. laying off employees during a business downturn or promoting a more qualified candidate over someone who’s been with the company longer.

When we face a big challenge, often our values get challenged and we start to question our current circumstances. Is this really what I want to do? What’s the meaning of my work and life? This type of questioning can cause significant stress and will continue to distract our professional and personal life when similar tough situation arises.

However, difficult situations contain precious learnings that are essential for your growth. As we handle it properly, you can open yourself up to a higher potential.

In this module, we introduce a simple 3-step approach and a mindfulness-based meditation to digest inner conflict, retrieve learnings from it as to not waste the experience, and ultimately let go of emotional pain residing in memory. This is a powerful tool to remove mental and emotional distractions, such as fear and habitual thinking, and enables you to maintain clarity in following your vision.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivations are derived from your deepest inner desires and are closely linked to your life story. Examples of intrinsic motivations may include personal growth, helping other people, taking on social causes, creating great products or services, and making a difference in the world through your efforts.

The key to developing as an authentic leader is not eschewing your extrinsic motivations but balancing them with intrinsic motivations that provide fulfillment in your work.

In this module, participants review their life stories, identify core values, and work to identify intrinsic motivations through mindfulness-based meditation and journaling.


With new personal awareness from the previous three modules, participants review their life and work to uncover areas to strengthen their overall alignment as they begin their climb.

From here, with ongoing practice you will be on your way to your highest potential and see your new mindful leadership begin to help take others there as well.

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