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Hiro Demo Session #7

Hello everyone! This is Hiro. I would like to share with you a recording of a demo session. Hope this might help you in any way.

Demo Session #7
Date: October 27, 2019
Client: Lama
Topic: Abundance
Session: Experiencing the challenge of attracting clients in her business. No matter what she does, it doesn’t work, and she does not know what to do now. She feels scared. She identified 9 years old girl inside this energy of helplessness. This little girl is feeling scared of the situation with her Dad who was betrayed by somebody and lost everything in his life. Healing took place when Dad realized the learning from the experience and reconnected with his innate abilities, and also when the girl reconnected with her innate abilities.
Outcome: Feeling settled. Let’s just do it!!

I am taking requests for a demo session every week in exchange for recording it for learning and marketing purposes. If you are interested in booking a demo session, sign-up for our newsletter. You will find a link to book a demo session when we send the next demo session newsletter.

Thank you!!

Love and gratitude,
Ascent Leadership Institute Inc

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