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Hiro Live Session – July 2019

Hiro Live Session – July 2019


Meet Hiro and experience his latest techniques of coaching, healing and meditation.

In this webinar, Hiro facilitates guided meditations and visualizations to create an experience that promotes peace, happiness, healing, leadership, performance, creativity and inspiration.

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Webinar Transcript:


Hello. Oh, I can see everyone. Hi, Julia, Dahlia, Katrina Guzon, Santrine, Ayesha, Agnes, I don’t know how to pronounce this. Hi. How are you? Oh I can see your comment chat, good. It took me a while to open this up. Let’s see, oh so glad you guys are coming here. Ah okay, I am seeing this whiteboard, okay. Yeah, this should be good.

Good. How can I turn this off like this? Hi Dahlia Guzon, hello. Oh nice to see you guys. It makes me happy. Okay, let’s get started. It’s 10 o’clock here. I don’t know what time it is over there but this is webinar. We named it as Hiro Live webinar but what we do is this is basically my practice place because I come up with many different meditations and I wanted to practice and I also wanted to somehow connect with as many people as possible because I do many other webinars. Many of them really have specific purpose and objective and sometimes, I wanted to talk about something different but I just cannot talk about it in other webinars so here in this webinar, I do whatever we want to do, so that’s why I’m here.

What time are there, where are you guys calling from? There is a chat screen I believe in your laptop or iPhone or cellphone. Please enter where you’re coming, calling from. So what day is it today? July 14. It is Sunday here in Los Angeles. My name is Hiro Miyazaki. I actually came back from my business trip to Kazakhstan, 6 p.m. in Nigeria, you’re calling from Nigeria? Yeah, of course Guzon. Good to see you Guzon. Serbia Katarina, oh Katarina in Serbia. Daria, I’m Russian but I live in France in Reunion Island.

I got to go to France someday. I’ve seen some pictures that my friends are going for vacation. This is vacation time. Now my clients, they’re coming, they’re calling for session from like vacation resort places, and when we open up the Skype screen, they’re like in the resort place. It’s so beautiful and relaxing and they’re not even wearing clothes. They’re just wearing swimsuit and I’m like all right. You’re supposed to be having a vacation now. Always vacation Daria? That’s nice. I love that.

Ayesha, Almaty, yeah of course Ayesha. Thank you for calling, Ayesha. 6 p.m. in Nigeria. Right, so it’s 10 in the morning here, 6 p.m. So it’s really, the night and day is like the other side. Wow. Agnes is here. I like that spilling Hiro, thank you.

So I just came back from my business trip to Kazakhstan. I had a really good time there. This is one of the gifts that I received from organizer, Saituna and Talia who helped us translation. And Guzon also helped us translation. Thank you. And this is another thing that I received. This is a kind of a, how do you call it, ball? Oh, this makes a lot better sound. I’m going to use this for the meditation today.

So Julia. Thank you, 23, Almaty. Agnes from Hungary. Wow, cool. Thank you. Almaty 11? Whoa, wow. So it’s really the other, like 12 or 13 hours difference. I’ll finally be able to adjust to the time zone here. So hopefully I don’t get to becoming sleepy today. And so this is, oh, what’s going on with this? This is what I want to do today, meditations. Let’s make it bigger 48, I have nine possible meditations. Obviously we’re not going to do all nine sessions, not nine meditations. But I’m thinking maybe one or two or three meditations to try today. Some of them, I did it already in other places. Many of them I’ve never done in other places. So hopefully, we’re going to have a good time. Anyway, so let’s start from really simple opening meditation, which is mindfulness meditation. Let’s go back to here.

Simple mindfulness meditation, it is just about focusing your attention on your breath. Let me record this. Okay, so really quick ones. Mindfulness meditation, really basic, basic meditation. It’s just about couple of minutes to focus your attention on your breath and this is mindfulness meditation but the other name for this is attention control because if you control your attention, it helps you to move away from negative thinking, the negative emotion and focus on what you really want in your life, what’s most important in your life.

Meditation Exercise:
So that’s like a preparation for other meditations, let’s do this couple of minutes of meditation. So let’s do this. How about relaxing position, maybe you’re sitting on a sofa or a chair, or maybe even lie and in on the sofa and close your eyes. Let’s take one deep breath, and then we give you this sound. And then bring your attention to your breath. You can simply breathe easily, comfortably and just watch your body breathe in and breathe out.

Sometimes, you might see that your attention goes away and simply bring the attention back to your breath. Keep watching your breath, breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, taking in beautiful refreshing energy, breathing out, letting go of all the old energy.

Okay. Now let’s take another deep breath, then slowly open your eyes. Okay, let’s see. This white board keep erasing. So how are you everyone? Having good time in this months of summer? Okay. So here in Los Angeles, the temperature is around 23s. It’s like all the year we have the similar temperature, hearing that there’s no seasons, but it’s okay for me. It’s working well.

Okay, so I have nine different meditation, some of them I haven’t really been prepared. So I’m thinking going from the top one going to the heart space and then perhaps we’re going to do the third one, future visions through logical levels, maybe experiencing joy with soulmates

Oh, Guzon, during meditation, there were connection problem. Okay, there’s not much I can do here. But let’s see, keep doing this and maybe the next time I’m going to use different platform. So let me explain the first one going to the heart space. So this is, in a heart space mean, I’m going to guide you to your physical heart, which also coincide with your heart chakra. This is also a short one but when you go into the heart space, you’re going to feel kind of peace and comfort. There’s some different ways to reach the same state. But recently, I find it also effective to imagine going into the heart space. When I do this, that’s when I feel some worries or regret even or fear. And that I needed to find some peace, feeling more confidence in myself, that everything is going to be okay for myself, and I meditate on that to find a peaceful energy. There are some different ways to do this. But recently, I find it really easy to feel the peace when I go into the heart space.

So let’s do this. The first, I want to guide you to go inside of your heart. And then I’m going to guide you to feel the peaceful energy in your heart, then I find it really easy to ask some questions to my inner self, which is most likely my higher self or even my soul to get some wisdom, wisdom answer from my heart. So I hope you’re going to find it helpful. Before getting started with this meditation, please find, come up with one question you might want to ask when you go inside of your heart. So, for example, some question might be am I doing this project right or do I need to, what am I supposed to do in this project or with this relationship? How can I find, how can I experience more joy in my life? Something like that. So please come up with one question that you might want to ask when you go into your heart space.

Okay now, one thing I wanted to tell you before doing, one more thing I wanted to tell you before going to the heart space, is that we’re going to bring our attention to the breath first, and then I’m going to ask you to feel your heart, feel your heart space. It is easier to find or feel your heart space when you breathe out and hold it for a moment, then you can feel your heart easier. So that’s what I’m going to guide you to, okay? And when you go inside of your heart, first time I ever went inside of my heart, it was kind of a huge dark space, black space.

Now it is different, so you might want to find a very special place just for you, depending on how your heart space is kind of structured, energetic wise. So just be open to what you might want to experience when you go inside of your heart. Okay. And when you are inside of your heart, I’m going to give you some space, some moment for you to experience it by yourself. Okay, so let’s see.

Let me record this. Are you ready? Let me bring my picture back. Okay. Ayesha, that’s Russian, I cannot read. Can you say in English? Okay, anyway, so let’s start with the next meditation, which is going into your heart space.

Go into the heart space meditation, okay. So again, take a relaxing position. Maybe you’re sitting on a sofa or even lie on the sofa or sitting on a chair and close your eyes and let’s take one deep breath and I give you this sound and start easy, comfortable breathing and watch your body breathe in and breathe out.

Now, I like you to bring your attention to your heart, feel your heart as like it is pounding, it is moving, it is alive. If you breathe out and hold it for a moment, then it is easier to feel your heart, so feel your heart, feel the rhythm, softness, this feeling of being alive and let’s say, in your mind let’s say thank you to the heart, thank you for always supporting me every day.

Now imagine that your heart is lighting up, it has some color, the energy from your heart is going bigger, larger and I would like you to imagine going inside of the space of your heart, going inside of the energy of your heart, so what might be the feeling that you are experiencing? Are you experiencing something like peace, comfort? Are you experiencing shiny, shiny lights or maybe warmth?

Bring your attention to different places, different directions within the heart space. What do you notice? Are you noticing different colors? Are you noticing somebody, some things, to explore your heart space and give you some moments to do exploration. Okay, I give you this sound. See how your heart is taking in this sound. Okay, now feel the peace and comfort inside of your heart space, and then I like you to ask some questions.

First question, how can I live and experience more joy in my life? And wait for the answer. Okay, now when you’re ready, please ask a second question, which is your own question. Okay, now, I like you to imagine that inside of your heart space, there is this light coming up in the center of your heart space like a big firework coming out, filling the heart space with shiny bright light. It is a shining light of joy, and imagine that this shining light is going beyond your heart space spreading throughout your body and beyond your body.

Okay. When you’re ready, take one deep breath and then open your eyes and come back to this webinar. Wow, it is already 30 minutes. How are you, everyone? Are you back? Can you hear me? Can you see me well? That’s always a good question to ask, right? Wow, I’m really surprised. We’re already past 30 minutes mark. Anyway, how was your experience? Was it too short or too long? Oh, good. Thank you, Julia. Did the connection work? Internet connection. Gozun, peaceful. Thank you.

I’m glad to hear that. Yeah. Recently I received a nice feedback that meditation, some of the meditation you need longer, just longer time to experience it. So that’s what I’m trying to do today. Oh, Daria. You noticed some sadness in your heart. It’s good that you noticed it. That’s a first step in healing that sadness or digesting the sadness. I send you a healing. Is that okay?

Okay. Now, how are you? Are you ready for the next meditation? Maybe the next one, it will be the last one. Which one do we want to do? Maybe number six. Health, fitness, beauty through value based self image. Ready? Wow. Great, Katarina, Julia great, ready.

So this is number six. This one is kind of new to me and I really wanted to practice so maybe we want to do this, is that okay? Number six is health, fitness, beauty through value based self image. Self image is very important for all of us, when if you have the self image that you’re small, then you don’t have confidence in yourself, and if you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t really do well in anything you do. You really need to have confidence, higher self esteem, higher self value and good image about yourself because that’s going to be reflected in, in your life and everything you do. And especially health, fitness and beauty, your self image about your health, fitness and beauty is going to be reflected of course on yourself, on your body and how you look, how your body performs.

I personally did this for my fitness. Luckily, I’m having good health. In beauty, I want to do more. But I started from fitness. And I got to tell you, in the last couple of months, I lost how many kilos, seven kilos because I created this better image of myself having stronger body, exercising, and lively and active image on myself, and that kind of motivated me to start doing more exercise, better food, healthy food every day, and that somehow, let me lose seven kilos. I don’t know how many of you want to lose weight. Maybe someone of you wanted to increase weight. But that’s up to you how you’re going to set your self image, right?

So what we’re going to do is you choose three things, three values that you like to add to your self image, for example, if it’s about my fitness, then I would have active as one value and strong as next value, kind of fit body, lean body is a third value. If it’s beauty for yourself, then you might want to do elegant or I don’t know, luxury. I’m running out of my dictionary for beauty. Anyway, please choose three values that you would like to see more in your life with regards to health, fitness and beauty. And in this meditation, I’m going to guide you to visualize that you’re having that value in yourself one by one. So we’re going to do three values. And then we’re going to integrate that self image into yourself today and I’m going to guide you to experience the whole day throughout your day and how your day might feel, how you’re going to feel the difference if you go through your day with that self image.

I hope this makes sense to you. Anyway, with health, fitness and beauty, you have three values already now about health or fitness or beauty. Ready? This thing, this webinar platform has like 20 seconds or 30 seconds timeline between when I say something and when until it’s reached to you, so it’s like oh, are you ready? Good, good. Let’s do it then.

Okay, let me make sure that I record this too. Let me remember how we do this. Okay, I think I can do this. Okay, let’s do this.

Let’s record. Okay, now, this is the third one, third meditation, let’s do what I call health, fitness, beauty, self image meditation, so you have chosen three values and I’m going to guide you to experience those three values and to experience how your whole day may change or transform if you have that self image, okay.

Meditation Exercise:
So pick a relaxing position, lying on a sofa or sitting on a chair. Close your eyes. Let’s take one deep breath and bring your attention to your breath and let me give you this sound. Watch your body breathe in and breathe out. Now I like you to feel your heart. Feel the peace and comfort that’s in your heart. This energy of peace and comfort in your heart is growing. It is expanding. It has some kind of color. Now, I like you to imagine going inside of the space inside of your heart. Feel the peace and comfort. Now, I’d like you to remember the three values that you have chosen for your health, fitness and beauty and pick the first value. For the first value, I like you to imagine you’ll have a value in your body, in your presence now.

Imagine yourself having the value fully and completely in your presence now. Feel your body. Feel your body having the value fully and completely. How does it feel like? Okay, now you’re experiencing this value night now. Now I’d like you to kind of step out of that image and kind of look at yourself, your body, your presence, your presence having this value.

How does it look like? How does your whole body, your face expression look like? Okay now, I’d like you to imagine that your self, your presence with that first value to be kind of step to the side and wait there for a moment until we do the same for other two values.

Now, for the second value, I like you to feel that you have the second value fully and completely in your body, in your presence, You are experiencing the second value as like you have it now at this moment. How does it feel like? Now, I’d like you to step back from that image with the second value and look at yourself from a distance. How do you look when you see yourself having the second value? How does your body look like? How does the entire presence look like?

Okay now, for the second value, you having the second value to kind of step aside for a moment until we do the same with a third value. Now, for the third value that you have chosen, imagine that you have the third value fully and completely in your body, in your presence and you are experiencing it right now at this moment. How does it feel like? How does this make you feel?

Now again, I’d like you to kind of step back and look at yourself, your body and the presence having the third value. How does your body look like? How does the entire presence look like?

Okay, very well. Now, you have your self, your presence, three different presence in front of you, each one having the value that you have chosen fully and completely. Now I like you to imagine going into the first value, first presence, experience the first value again and imagine that the second value second presence is kind of integrating into the first value, first presence and experience the first and second value together in your presence.

How does it feel like? Okay, now you’re having the first and second value together in your presence right now. Next, I like you to imagine that the third value, third presence is integrating into the first and second value together in your presence, you having first second and third value together fully and completely. How does it feel like? How does this make you feel?

Okay. Now, you are having these three values in your presence fully and completely right now at this moment. I like you to imagine going through your day, the whole day, starting from the morning until when you go to sleep. So imagine waking up in the morning having these three values fully and completely. What might be some of the changes, difference does it make when you’re having these three values as you go through the day, from the morning to the noon time, lunchtime, going to different places, meeting different people, notice what difference does this make when you have these three values fully and completely.

Okay, after lunchtime, I’d like you to go through your day continuing on through to the dinner time until the moment you’re going to bed. In each step of the way, notice what might be the difference when you have three values fully and completely.

Okay, now you’ve just gone through the day with all the three values. If you look at your entire day from a distance, you look at the entire day, how do you feel about the entire day? Now I like you to bring this energy, bring this image back into your body, your presence as of now. You bring this energy, bring this image as like a shower of light coming to your body, coming to your presence at this moment, receiving this shower of light in every cell of your body and say to yourself, this is the truth about me. This is the truth about me.

Okay, now imagine going back into your heart. Feel the peace, comfort. When you’re ready, take one deep breath and come back. What time is it? All right, one hour.

Hello, everyone. How are you? Oh are you, that was amazing. Thank you. Glad to hear that. I do this through coaching sessions, sometimes healing session as well but when I do this in coaching sessions, it’s more like interactive. And so I wanted to see if this really works when I do like group meditation, guided meditation kind of way. So I’m curious to know what you experienced.

Hello, everyone.

Maybe all of you are still in the meditation. Julia, it was great always to feel like the [inaudible 01:04:54]. Thank you. Oh, glad to hear that. [inaudible 01:04:56]. Great. Great Daria, thank you. It was really great. Oh, glad.

So Guzon, it works well, it was showing all the situations in the past when I already had. Yes. That’s a great point. You already had these values. You just needed to remember it. That’s beautiful, beautiful realization. That’s kind of a touching comment. Now Agnes, thanks Hiro. It was really great, full of energy. Amazing power. Oh, good. Agnes, I just remembered, Agnes who you are. Thank you. It’s great to connect with you again like this. Hope your family is pretty well these days too.

Anyway, I was thinking if we have time, I might want to do like demonstration session. But I have something after this so maybe not today but maybe next time. But I just want to ask you if we want to do some kind of demonstration session, coaching or healing or whatever session there’s somebody who might be interested in becoming like a demonstration client. Dahlia from the beginning these three values are awesome, okay. That’s beautiful. That’s nice to hear too.

Great. So about the demonstration session. If you are interested, please send me email or send me a message by Julia, yes, great. Oh Daria too, thank you. Oh great, Katarina, great idea. Wow, cool. Thank you. Maybe for the next time we do maybe a couple of meditation like we just did. And then next, and maybe have 30 minutes more for the demonstration session.

So I see that you guys are interested so I’m glad. So great. I’m glad that how many of you, one, two, three, four people are already interested. So maybe in the next session around when we hit the 15 minutes time, I’m going to ask for a volunteer for demonstration. And then we’re going to extend like about 30 minutes to do the demonstration. You don’t have to show your face or video but I’m going to need you to use your microphone and talk to me all your situation that you wanted to deal with through the session. It could be, I do coaching and healing so it could be some traumatic emotion or beliefs that you’re wanting to change or heal or it could be something like you have a set goal and you want to have coaching to have clear action steps to accomplish the goal.

So today, I had a good time. I hope everyone had a good time in this webinar and it really makes me feel so happy and joyful, being able to connect with you. And many of you that I see is people that I met in different seminars in different locations. And sometimes I cannot go to the same location as frequently as I wanted to so it’s really nice to be able to connect with you. So thank you, it is a joy for me.

So this is it for today. So next one, we’re going to have maybe 90 minutes to include a demonstration session, I’m going to schedule the next one. I’m planning to do this once a month, so it’s probably going to be sometime in August. So hopefully you’re going to join me again and enjoy this together. So again, thank you for joining me today, joining us today and looking forward to connect with you again. If you have particular, yeah, thank you. Thank you everyone. If you have a particular thing you want to heal and you cannot wait for one month, then you can send me a text or email and I can send you back some advice. Thank you Katarina, Julia, great to be with you. So have a good day everyone. Have a good night. Have a good day. I’m looking forward to connecting with you next time again. So thank you. Bye.

I love these comments. Thank you Hiro. It is always helpful, interesting, emotional, Julia. Thank you, Hiro for this opportunity to meditate with you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Bye.


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